The almond blossom in la Axarquía

Almond blossom trees in Arenas

There is a time of the year when something we like to call magic falls over la Axarquía area: the almond blossom. During the months of January and February, we are lucky enough to live close to one of the most awaited moments that mother nature offers each year.

Almost feels like Spring

Blossoming starts in early January thanks to our smooth climate and we can almost feel that spring is coming. Hues of pink and white flowers flood the Axarquican paths, which makes us believe that spring is finally coming in contrast with the cold air we still feel.

This is a georgeous landscape that well worths a visit.

A day in nature

Spending the day in nature is one of the best plans to do in a winter weekend. Lots and lots of almond fields blossom in this time of the year, not only in la Axarquía, but also in the rest of the province of Málaga or Granada.

In this east area of Malaga province, we can find some itineraries that allow us to stare at the beauty of the blossoming almond trees.

Periana, Alfarnate, Riogordo or Alfarnatejo are good examples of it. It is amazing how within a few kilometers, different kind of landscapes can be found, from the plains of Casabermeja to the rocky mountains of Alfarnate. In all of them, the flourishing almond trees makes even more beautiful these different landscapes.

A Route in the Almond Blossom: Arenas

the almond blossom in Arenas

Arenas is another great example of these gorgeous landscapes. This small village, close to Vélez-Málaga, the main city of the area, offers a route accessible and easy to follow.

The spectacular almond plantation close to the village combined with the Moorish architecture of Daimalos, a tiny village located in Arenas, can be a perfect idea for a walking tour.

This is why, since last year, we are offering a walking tour in Arenas during the months of January and February. We want everybody to discover this magic and spectacular landscape. Click here to discover more about our Almond Blossom Tour!

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