Comares, a hidden jewel in inland Axarquía

Comares, Balcony of la Axarquía

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Today we want to tell you a little bit more about one of the most beautiful villages of La Axarquía, which for us is Comares. Comares is a small village that is literally on top of a mountain, giving the sensation of seeing a snowy mountain. We visit this beautiful village in our «Comares, Balcony of la Axarquia Tour«. It is not so difficult to guess the reason for this name when you see a picture of the village, right?

Gorgeous welcome sign

To get to this beautiful village you have to cross a winding mountain road whose views will leave you speechless. We love it!

Once there, you may wonder the origin of this town’s name. Well, this name dates from the pre-Roman period and comes from the Arabic word «Qumarix». But we won’t say anything else by the moment, we don’t want to spoil the contents of our route! 😉 Today Comares is a small village of about 1350 inhabitants. Its narrow streets can be covered in an hour or an hour and a half and letting yourself be carried away by them is a pleasure.

Views from the cementery of Comares

The first thing that strikes you as soon as you arrive is, of course, the view. Comares offers an excellent panoramic view of a large part of the region of La Axarquía. These views do not leave anyone indifferent and you can perfectly stay contemplating it for hours and hours. From the sea to the mountains, the views that this village offers are incredible.

Verdiales: a tradditional dance in Comares

Tribute to the verdiales malagueños

One of the most lovely things of this village is their homage to their culture and traditions. The verdiales are a type of regional dance typical from the area, and in one of its squares a beautiful tribute is paid to it.

Views from the Arabic fortress

If you’ve been wanting to know more, don’t hesitate to join us on Tuesdays and Saturdays. You’ll love it!

You can find more information about this route here.
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