About us...

We are Cipriano and María: coworkers, best friends and also a couple. Our paths crossed in 2012 and we haven’t been apart from since then. We are both passionate about our birthplace, we believe that we should show it with love, affection and passion. The concept of Oletrips has been in Cipriano’s head for years. If you want to know a bit more about this little team, just keep reading.

Cipriano Ramos Ruiz


Manager and official guide

A bit more about me


Degree in Translation and Interpreting by the University of Malaga (Spanish-English/German/Italian) and Masters in Tourism Management.

Official Guide by the Junta de Andalucía, habilitation number: 05175.

Experience and hobbies

All my working experience is related to tourism sector by working in hotels, museums as a travel agent specialised in Spain and as a tour guide in Andalusia. I also had the pleasure of being granted with the Manuel Molina grant, which gave me the chance to work in the TSS Group, a huge tourism group in Germany. I’m passionate about tourism and Andalusia, and thanks to my degree I express myself perfectly in English and German. This and my working experience have encouraged me to start this beautiful project to ennoble my region and get to know it to the largest number of people.My goal with this project is to promote the tourism in the inland villages. I realised, that every time more young people leave their villages. These villages are dying because the young people can’t find there opportunities and this despite they are villages with more than 1000 years of interesting culture and history. For this reason I understand that we have to make these villages more popular to all the people who visit our region and I want to reach this with Oletrips.

María Tomé Rico


Front-end developer and translator

Office Manager

A bit more about me


Degree in Translation and Interpreting (Spanish-English/French/German) by the University of Malaga and University Expert in Web Design by Estacion Diseño School (Granada). Currently studying a Masters in Translation of New Technologies and Software by Universidad Menéndez Pelayo and ISTRAD.

Experience and hobbies

I have always been passionate about three things in life: languages and literature, new technologies and tourism. That’s why I decided to study a Degree in Translation and Interpreting and make the most of it to travel, which is why I took half a year of Erasmus at the University of Southampton. When I finished my degree, I decided to move with Cipriano to Dresden (Germany) to learn this language, very necessary in our area. During the time I spent in this city, I passed the TELC Zertifikat Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer (B1) and worked as a monitor in the After School Care service at Dresden International School, where I was also able to practice English, the first language used in the school. When we returned from our German adventure, I worked for a year in a travel agency in my village, which gave me experience in this sector that I love, and also I studied a Masters Degree in Web Design in Granada at the same time. Since September 2019 I have been dedicated body and soul to this project with Cipriano, as well as studying a Masters Degree in Translation and New Technologies.

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