Contingency Plan COVID-19


Due to the current situation we are experiencing caused by the world health crisis by COVID-19, we have established a Contingency Plan adapting our tours and experiences for your greater security.

This Contingency Plan is based on the report of guidelines and recommendations prepared by the Ministry of Health of the Government of Spain to reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus focused on active tourism and ecotourism.


1.1. Before the activity

– By hiring our services, you accept that you agree with our health and safety measures and undertake to comply with them at all times to ensure the safety of our employees, other customers and yourself.

– We are in constant coordination with our service providers (restaurants, wineries, cooperatives, etc.) to avoid agglomerations, for a safe and orderly use of the spaces we visit.

– We promote the telematic management of the reservation through our web page, payment and customer service through the use of e-mail and other means of communication.

1.2. During the development of the activity

– The use of face masks is mandatory on any means of transport used during any of our tours and experiences. Currently the use of a mask is optional for outdoor activities.

– You must respect at all times the indications of our driver-guide, not only during the transfer to the activity, but also during the whole development of it.


2.1 Cleaning plan

We have adapted our cleaning and disinfection plan to the current situation:

– Daily external cleaning of our van.

– Cleaning and disinfection of the vehicle after each tour/experience with disinfectants authorised by the Ministry of Health.

– Cleaning products: we use disinfectant products with virucidal activity that are on the market and have been authorised and registered by the Ministry of Health.

The client is committed to follow the guidelines indicated by the driver-guide at all times and, in case of not following them, the driver-guide reserves the right to cancel the activity without refund, if he considers his own or other clients’ safety in danger.

If your holidays have been cancelled because of COVID-19, we will issue a voucher so that you can enjoy a tour with us in the future.

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