Facts about Antequera

Today we are virtually visiting a beautiful city in the province of Malaga. So hop on our Olevan, we’re off!

Like most of the Spanish cities, Antequera has an ancient and rich history behind it that is evident in the large number of its monuments. It is a beautiful city surrounded by a magical landscape and full of culture and history that you have to know.

Its name, Antequera, comes from the Latin: Anticaria, and later the Arabs called it Antaquira. This region is very old and has been inhabited for more than 6,000 years (hence its name), and has many archaeological sites and a rich archaeological and architectural heritage.

But Antequera is also known for being “the city of the churches”, as it has 33, which makes it the city with the most churches per inhabitant. You can imagine the beauty of its Holy Week processions, a real marvel!

It is also a city that is geographically located in the very heart of Andalusia, which is why it was once proposed to be the capital of our region, although unsuccessfully.

This is all (for the moment!) . We hope you have enjoyed these curiosities about Antequera, although there is much more to discover, including El Torcal.

See you soon!

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