Hello World!

Just like the first message in the history of the Internet, our first post in the history of Oletrips couldn’t start any different.

Oletrips has been set up by a young Andalusian couple, specifically from the region of la Axarquia, who has a main goal: to show their beautiful region to those who wants to visit.

Cipriano and María – Oletrips team.

La Axarquía is a region located in the east area of the province of Malaga and Costa del Sol and formed by 31 villages. Maybe because of the homesick we felt when we were abroad or maybe because you appreciate much more your birthplace when you are far away, we realized the potential of our region.

It is remarkable how la Axarquia has, in a relatively small area, such an interesting history and interesting traditions as well. However, this fact is not surprising considering that different cultures, such as the Jewish, the Moorish and the Christian ones lived together for years and years. That’s why we think our region is worth to be shown with passion, respect and love. We have created different routes around la Axarquia, each one devoted to a different topic (you can have a look here!). We want to show the axarquican and andalusian lifestyle in these routes through gastronomy, agriculture and history. Each of these routes are scheduled weekly and has limited seats.

Our small project also aims at doing it in a very calm, customized way. We travel with very small groups, no more than 8 people per route, which allows to have a closer relationship with the clients. Cipriano, our guide and chaffeur will drive you through this region in our Olevan. We dare to say that the essence of Oletrips is really close to the concept of slowtourism, which we will explain on next posts.

Our Olevan, perfect for small groups!

We are passionate about animals and we couldn’t imagine Oletrips and our routes around la Axarquia and Andalusia without our furry friends, so of course there is place for them in our Olevan! We don’t want anybody out Oletrips. Besides the routes, we have much more options for everyone, but always with our essence in mind: traveling calmly and in small groups.

If you’d like to go depth on our traditions after making a route with us, no panic! We also offer super cool experiences that you will simply love. You will be able to discover inland Axarquia with a goatkeeper and his goats, to cook yummy Andalusian dishes in a cafeteria specially closed for us, to learn how to make soap in a traditional way… all this and much more!

You will find out much more on the next posts about what do do, see and discover in la Axarquia and the rest of Andalusia. We hope this is the first post of the many more to come. We can’t wait to start this adventure and you to discover Andalusia and la Axarquia with us. Don’t forget to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram to keep updated about events and trips. See ya!

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