Salares, calm and charm in la Axarquía


Salares is a tiny village in the middle of our loved Axarquía. It is definitely one of our favourite villages on the area. It is so tiny, so peaceful and yet has such an interesting past that make us dreaming about leaving everything behind and set up a boutique hotel there. No kidding.

You will be wondering what makes Salares so special to make us dream that way, right? Well, we will clear your doubts.

What makes Salares so special


To begin with, Salares is a small, Morisco village located on the edge of the Tejeda National Park. This is, in inland Axarquía. Just like many other villages, Salares is part of the Mudejar Route that goes through different villages in the Axarquia area. Its clear Arabic heritage is a reason for this addition of this route, with its characteristic narrow, winding and steep streets.

In previous times the Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians and Arabs populated this village, as shown different remains recovered from the area. They were attracted by the good characteristics of the area, such its template weather, abundant water and its location, making it a perfect refugee with an easy defence in case of invasion. The Romans called this area Salaria Bastitanorum as they found a salt deposit that they exploited, reason for the modern-day name of Salares. However, the Arabs were the ones who left a more visible proof of their presence, since the streets of this village still remain with the structure they designed.

This is a village known though history to have abundant water, reason why still nowadays we can take a walk on a bridge from medieval origin, one of the most highlights if you are visiting this village.

Salares nowadays


This village remains today as a small village with 169 inhabitants in 2019 (according to INE). As mentioned before, its street architecture is a heritage of its Arabic past and still nowadays we can see this reflection in other buildings and monuments.


It is a pity that this gorgeous village is losing more and more inhabitants through the years, due to the preference of young people to move to other coast villages. For this reason, we love to show this village, so everybody can understand why this village is so special.

Visit Salares with us


If you feel curious about this village and want to learn more about it, do not hesitate and join us any Monday on our Mudejar Route, where you will also learn about other Axarquican villages such as Árchez. You can find out more information here.

See you next week!

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