Sweet wines in la Axarquía


We don’t exaggerate when we say that the region of la Axarquía -on the east of Málaga province- has it all. From long beaches to beautiful mountains with natural parks, this area provides a huge range of activities, such as walking trips or more cultural trips to discover its georgeous inland villages.

But today we want to talk you about its sweet wines. La Axarquía has always been a region where agriculture has played a mayor role on the local economy, especially until the 60s of the past century. Olive, almond and loquat trees, figgs and other vegetables has been always harvested in the area.


But the production of sweet grapes have always been important and is getting more and more attention through the years. One of the main reasons for that is our exceptional weather: the many hours of sun per year plays an important role in the production of this fruit.

Other particularity is that its harvest is one of the earliest in Europe. Many of them have also maintained the traditional production processes, with manual harvesting.

These grapes grow on picturesque terraced vineyards, many of which are so steep that recollection is only possible by hand or sometimes with the help of donkeys to haul the baskets of grapes up to collection points. Most of the grapes harvested produce white and sweet wines, although reds are also made.


Not only sweet wines are produced from the muscatel and romé grapes, but also raisins, which are very popular in the gastronomy world.

A great option to get to know better the sweet wines of the area is to visit a wine cellar. Not all of them offers guide visits, so we recommend to book a wine tour on the area.


On our Sun & Wine Tour, you will discover the nuances of the wines produced on the area and the traditional method of harvest. It is also a great chance to discover the area, as we visit Torrox and Cómpeta, two Axarquican villages traditionally linked to the harvest of muscatel grape. Click here to get more information.

As you see, there is a lot to do in la Axarquía, and discovering its delicious sweet wines can be a great option!

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